We help you as a solo artist, or your band, all the necessary tools to build your appearance to the outside world. Whether social media presence, style, story, website, crowdfunding, stage concepts, technical issues or feedback on your music - we analyze you as an artist holistically!

When all tools are in place and we have brought your artistic work to a level where it becomes interesting for larger partners, we will be happy to support you as a management partner.

We can offer the following main points for you and your band:

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Rockstar Publishing Star

We place your music where it will be heard. Whether radio, TV, or streaming platforms - we have the right partners to publish your music optimally. Since this topic is very complex, we have created a short video about our publishing offer. We work closely with our corporate parent Schubert Music Publishing.

More informations about our publishing offer

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Rockstar Publishing Star

Product Management means that we handle your releases and push them with customized promotions, the best partners and our distribution network (Kontor New Media and EDEL) in your specific genre. It also means that we listen to your music, give feedback and, if necessary, influence the production. And all this completely independent and without a label.

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Rockstar Publishing Star

Together we work out a concept how to best package your music, your story and your style to present it to the world. This includes not only the music but also artwork, videos, pictures, press releases, bios, and much more.

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Rockstar Publishing Star

We help you to design your website and your social media presence so that they are representative and fit to your music. We help you to harmonize all channels so that everything comes along in your style and tells your story.

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