Rockstar Publishing & Management is a family business where we all maintain close contact with each other. Our artists are part of this team and work together to bring their ideas, visions and network to the team. For us it is important to work together to achieve the greatest possible success in the music business. Whether for us as a partner, or for you as an artist!

We develop goals, visions and ideas for each artist individually and always together as a team. The last word, however, always lies with the artist – we would never strive for a strategy or goal against the artist’s will. Our musicians are willing to contribute their ideas and work together with us to achieve their goals.

Through our distribution network and promo partners we are able to handle releases and bring the products to the market. But it is important for us to say that we are NOT a label.

With our management artists we always work in a percentage deal. But it is also clear that our expenses must be covered and that we do not provide our network, which we have been building and maintaining for over 20 years, for free. So it always depends on where you stand in the business. We check this in a first personal meeting. It is important to us that it is right for our artists as well as for us, because only then we can work together in the long term.

Artist development means that we build you up as an artist and try to build a fanbase together with you. When all this is in place, you have the opportunity to join our management team. In a management deal we take care of everything that happens around the artistic work. We take care of the contacts to the partners, negotiate with them, raise money together with you, look for tours and try to refer you to the right places.