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Rockstar Publishing & Management is a music publishing and music management agency based in Winterthur, Switzerland. As a decentralised company we are optimally networked worldwide. In order to jointly sharpen the artist profile of each of our acts as well as to develop and build new ideas and visions it is essential to work with the best partners. This is where the experienced team at Rockstar Publishing & Management comes in. Rico Horber and Michel Obi have been working together with the necessary know-how and their network for over twenty years in the most diverse areas of the music market. For as infinitely complex as the modern music business has become it also offers an infinite number of possibilities for each individual artist to assert themselves on the market. Whether as a publishing or management partner, tour booker or licence trader, we use our network and the opportunities tailored to the artist for long-term success - together as a team with the best partners.

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